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Beth in a purple shirt tilted her head sideways with a finger pointing on side of chin. Semi long hair over one side, dyed pinkish peach with other lower side of head shaved short. Silver long dangle earrings and ring is worn. Eye and lips are dark brown with a touch of maroon. Background wood ceiling with fairy lights.
Beth (2020)

Ooh, fun information to share with you – chakras, tarots, mystic stuff, little film projects, outdoors and more!

Hi, I’m Beth. Previously a long-time sign language instructor, as of 2018 I became a full-time mother, a practitioner of crystal healing and shamanism, and freelance ordained minister & filmmaker. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kid and husband, I love sharing my fascination with rocks, adventure, and living a healthy and spiritual life!

Hello, y’all! Happy Vibes!

Introduction to Stones & Tarot

Hi! Welcome and I hope you’re doing great! Here’s an awesome video clip of introducing this Stones & Tarot Tidbits by sharing the learning experience of the tarot itself and the stone that corresponds with it using the Crystal Tarot deck. Come watch and enjoy! Thank you for visiting and viewing, watch for the nextContinue reading “Introduction to Stones & Tarot”

Chakra Tidbits: The Seventh Chakra

Hello, all! Welcome back and let’s continue to view this new set of tidbit of information. This is all about the seventh chakra… Enjoy! Good tidbits of information on the seventh chakra, yeah? Come on back again for the Introduction to Stones & Tarot Tidbits! Happy Vibes,Beth


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