3 wire-wrapped pendulum - pendant necklaces hanging upon red willow reeds. Left top to bottom right of stones in order: Amethyst, Aventurine, and Clear Quartz.

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Hi, I’m Beth, a Deaf owner Certified Crystal Healer and Shaman at Ooh Crystal Vibes, Healing and Energy Wellness. I have been a practitioner for more than 5 years. I provide healing in chakra clearing & balancing using unique crystals, long distance and locally. Another whimsical thing, I am is an ordained minister. I can officiate weddings and other unique ceremonies. My rates are competitive and service is outstanding. 

Do check out my Blog and Vlog page with fun and neat information about stones, oracles & tarots, outdoors, energy spirituality, ceremonies & rituals and much more!

Ooh Crystal Vibes Shop is coming soon! Keep your eyes open and posts of grand opening coming soon!

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A portrait picture of Beth in a gray shirt. Beth has dark brown and red cropped hair. Background is a large wooden beam with a door besides.
Full-time cool Mom, cosmic Crystal Healing and Shaman Practitioner, a whimsical Minister,
& an aspiring Filmmaker.

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About Me

Hello, Family and Friends ~

My name is Beth. I’m a lovely deaf lady, a happy wife, an awesome mom, a certified crystal healer and shaman practitioner, an ordained minister and an aspiring filmmaker.
I’m always in awe of nature and what it has to offer us. Since I was little, I’ve loved the outdoors and would spend time outdoors as much as possible, climbing trees or napping under a tree upon lush grass (or a nice thick blanket). Looking up at the moon and stars.
Those feelings are still strong within myself these days and when I’m able to go out exploring, walking with my son and pup, I love to reconnect with nature.
It’s also with thanks to my husband starting my rock collection. With some of these collections, I’ve found healing benefits they can offer. Also, I love science and believe it can give wonderful insights.
In my various studies at the HMCA and under a Peruvian tradition shamanic healer and teacher, they do not just explain what the healings can offer, but the scientific and spiritual facts behind it. Such great information and inspires me to offer these great healing and growing opportunities to you, family and friends. I’m open minded to possibilities and various cultures, in which includes science, nature and spirituality aspects.

Contact me about bookings or questions, thank you!
Happy Vibes,

Disclaimer: Note that crystal and shamanic healing meaning are spiritual supports to energy healing and do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances and medications or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical care professional. It is recommended that clients receiving energy healing treatments also see a licensed health-care professional for any ailments or illnesses. Energy healing is an effective treatment in addition to, not a substitute for, medical attention already provided.

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